Agreement Odoo

(Install agreement_sale to get the setup settings). ODOO allows PARTNER to use the “Odoo” logo to promote its products and services only for the duration of this agreement, as long as: Details of cloud hosting services are described on the Service Level Agreement page under The agreement would go through a workflow to eventually become a contract with the signature of the client. Odoo Agreement App does not offer an easy way to access project tasks related to an agreement. Some organizations need quick access to project tasks to track the results of an agreement. Other requests for assistance, for example. B development or adaptation issues can be covered by the purchase of a separate service contract. While it is not clear whether an application falls within this agreement, the decision is left to Odoo SA`s discretion. The customer recognizes and accepts that Odoo SA can use to provide third-party services (subprocessors) for the processing of personal data. Odoo SA undertakes to use subprocessors only in accordance with data protection legislation.

This use is covered by a contract between Odoo SA and the subprocessor, which offers guarantees in this regard. Odoo SA`s privacy policy, published under, contains up-to-date information on the names and purposes of the subprocessors currently used by Odoo SA for service delivery. Based on the model, an agreement can be created and the pdf document generated. In particular, PARTNER agrees to be mentioned in Odoo Partners` official list on and that THE PARTNER logo and trademarks can only be used for this purpose. The fee is set in writing at the time of signing this contract. With this module, you can manage the agreements, declarations of intent and content of the contract. The module must be used by a company`s legal team and allow them to define sections, clauses and models with their respective content that can be dynamic. ODOO will promote “official partners” on Odoo`s list of partners on the Odoo SA undertakes not to disclose individual or designated figures to third parties without the client`s consent and to process all data collected in accordance with its official privacy policy published on For the duration of the agreement, Odoo SA is committed to: making every reasonable effort to preserve errors, retain errors and additional covered modules sent by the customer via the corresponding channel (usually the sending or exit form or phone numbers listed on, or when working with an Odoo partner, the channel provided by the partner, and start processing these shipments within 2 working days.

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