Advertising Revenue Sharing Agreement

For the provider, this means another advertising channel for their website and a portion of the revenue from banner promotion or sponsorship when displayed with their content on the user`s website. When providing content to third parties, it is important that the terms of an agreement are sufficiently clear and detailed to protect your content and to ensure that both parties understand sales opportunities. 5.3. In addition to your SONAR, in the event that GNM block sells your content, z.B by advertising road blocks or by side sponsorship, GNM will pay you 50.00% of net sales within 30 days of the first anniversary and each anniversary date of the corresponding trade agreement. 5.1.2. the net proceeds that GNM receives at the applicable CPM rate for each month of life, (a) “CPM” refers to the cost to GNM advertisers of 1,000 advertising impressions; and b) “net revenue,” revenues from advertisers around the world for ads received by GNM, less advertising discounts, advertising service charges and all applicable duties or taxes. 11.4. This agreement, and all the documents mentioned in it, constitute the whole agreement and agreement between you and GNM and replaces any prior agreement, written or oral, between the parties with respect to your content. 6.2, without GNM`s prior written consent, no confidential information from GNM, the existence of a clause in that agreement (except for the conditions already made public by gnM) or the existence of information on disputes or disagreements between the parties to third parties; if different companies jointly manufacture or promote a product, a profit-sharing system could be used to ensure that each company is compensated for its efforts. Some types of revenue sharing are strictly regulated by public authorities. In 2007, the Advisory Council of the Workers` Income Security Act established the Working Group on Revenue Distribution Obligations and Practices to address perceived problems related to the practice of revenue allocation for Plans 401 (k).